Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Rental/Sale of Cellular
Phones, SIM Cards and Telephone Lines
Whereas Each of the is (hereinafter:
IsraelPhones) and the (hereinafter
collectively referred to as “Global
”) offers the rental/sale of
cellular telephones, SIM cards and
telephone lines;
And whereas The customer is interested in
renting/buying from IsraelPhones,
which may include cellular
telephones, Sim cards, and their
respective accessories, as well as
any other equipment that
IsraelPhones currently offers for
rental or sale, or may offer for
rental or sale in the future
(hereinafter: Equipment), and the
corresponding rights to use a
cellular telephone line or lines
where applicable, as set out in the
Order form as filled in either on
Global Cellular’s website, via fax,
by phone (hereinafter: the Order);
Now therefore Global Cellular agrees to rent
Equipment to customer subject to
customer’s acceptance of the
following terms of use, and:


1. General:
a. The preamble and appendices of this
agreement (including the Order) constitute
an integral part hereof.
2. The Transaction: The customer agrees to rent /
buy from Global Cellular, the Equipment as set
out in the cellular plan as presented on Global
Cellular’s website (hereinafter: the Plan), whether
at general rates or at the applicable group rate as
provided to the group, and cellular telephone
services as applicable in accordance with the
applicable Plan.
3. The Period of the Rental / sale: The transaction
shall begin on the start date as specified in the
Order, and shall end when either (A) the
Equipment is returned to Global Cellular in its
entirety and in working order within 14 days
of the date of the end of the rental as stated in
the Order, (B) the phone has been declared to
Global Cellular as being lost or stolen and the
customer has paid all required fees and
deductibles or (C) the account is found to be
delinquent for non-return of the rental equipment
between 14 – 45 days after the end date of the
rental as listed at the time of ordering with no
usage in that time, and closed with a non-
refundable charge for the cost of the rental
equipment as designated by Global Cellular
(hereinafter: the End Date).
Global Cellular shall be entitled to ship
Equipment within a reasonable time prior to the
start date and shall not be responsible for
shipping delays beyond its control. The customer
is responsible for providing Global Cellular, at the
time of the Order, with all of the relevant delivery
information, including exact destination, as well
as telephone number at the destination and
name of intended recipient of the Equipment.
Global Cellular shall not be liable for failure of the
intended recipient to receive the Equipment.
Customers from abroad who wish to have
Equipment delivered prior to arrival in Israel will
receive the Equipment prior to their start date. In
the event that Equipment reaches the customer
before the start date, no rental fee shall be
charged if the Equipment remains unused,
however the customer shall be responsible for
loss of, theft of or damage to the Equipment in
accordance with the provisions of Clause 7
below. If the customer receives, and uses
Equipment before the start date, the rental / sale
period shall be deemed to have commenced
upon the date of the customer’s first usage of the
Equipment and all applicable fees for rental /sale,

insurance and services shall be charged.
In the event that the customer wishes to extend
the rental period, the customer shall be obliged
to inform Global Cellular’s customer service
department at the number below, stating the
length of the additional period requested. The
extension of the rental period is subject to the
express approval of Global Cellular, which is in
no circumstances obliged to give its approval,
and may result in additional fees.
The customer may return the Equipment prior to
the End Date, however rental and insurance fees
shall be payable until the End Date and any
amount paid in advance for service will be non-
If the customer returns the Equipment within five
(5) days of the End Date, in its entirety and in
proper condition, and the Equipment has not
been used during such five-day period, no
additional fees will be payable. However, if the
customer returns the Equipment six (6) days or
more after the End Date, or if the unreturned
Equipment had been used within five (5) days
after the End Date, Global Cellular shall charge
the customer a late return fee in the amount of
up to $5 for each day of delay, at Global
Cellular’s discretion, until the actual return of the
Equipment in addition to the fee for any service
plans subscribed to on the account. The
customer will be charged, in addition to any
rental fees or liquidated damages, the applicable
minimum airtime for the period between the End
Date and the date of return of the Equipment. In
addition, insurance fees shall be payable until the
phone is returned to Global Cellular. For
avoidance of doubt, nothing stated in this clause
shall affect the rights and/or remedies available
to Global Cellular under any law for a delay in
returning the Equipment as stated above.
Global Cellular reserves the right to reassign a
telephone line during the rental period if the
Equipment has not been used in three months.
Rental and insurance fees shall still be payable
until the End Date in such case, at Global
Cellular’ sole discretion.

4. The Rental Fee for rentals: The customer shall
pay Global Cellular a rental fee as found on
Global Cellular’ website unless stated otherwise
in an official correspondence from Global Cellular
on company letterhead. In the event that the
customer terminates the period of the rental

before the date set out in the Order, the
customer shall continue to pay rental and
insurance fees until the end of the rental period
stated in the Order, or until an earlier date at the
discretion of Global Cellular.

5. Additional charges: The customer undertakes
to pay Global Cellular, with regard to use of the
Equipment, all the charges set out in the Order
form completed by the customer, including, but
not limited to Global Cellular’s delivery and
pickup fees as set out at www.gcellular.net;
charges for the use of air time payable to other
operators connected with the use of the services,
including for international calls; internet usage;
and charges for any other cellular services
provided by Global Cellular or its affiliated
networks to the customer.
The basic price of air time, the prices of calls, the
subscriber’s fee and network services for which
the customer shall be charged shall be in
accordance with Global Cellular’s rates and the
rates of other telecommunications providers,
including licensees and operators. Global
Cellular reserves the right to amend such rates at
any time, without prior notice. All bills will have a
conversion fee of 3%to reflect the $US/NIS
conversion rates. Global Cellular reserves the
right to modify existing or contracted rates in
case of fluctuations in the currencies market,
including but not limited to assessing a fee or
surcharge to equalize currency values to the
current Israeli shekel. The basic rates can be
found at www.gcellular.net. Customers are
advised to contact Global Cellular’ Customer
Service regarding the rates of calls and services
not appearing on the web site.
Any reference to calls and/ or texts in Israel
refers solely to Israeli providers and does not
include other cellular providers that operate
within Israel, including but not limited to
Palestinian Authority providers (i.e Wataniya,
Jawal etc). Calls and/ or text to these
destinations will be charged separately from any
plan purchased. Customers are advised to
contact customer service for information
regarding these rates.
Use of the Equipment outside of Israel, roaming
off the cellular network and or calls placed via the
incorrect local or international access numbers
will result in a higher per-minute charge, and the
customer shall be liable for all such charges.
Free calling under the Plans is limited. Beyond

monthly limits, the customer will be charged
additional fees for services, including, without
limitation, for incoming special SMS services. If
the customer is charged for a service to which
the customer did not subscribe, it is the
customer’s responsibility to inform Global
Cellular in order to stop provision of the service
and prevent additional charges.
Internet access is available on all lines unless
requested otherwise. The customer is
responsible for all charges incurred while
accessing the internet.
Please note that iPhone/Wifi/PDA users may
accrue unforeseen high internet charges from
data service suppliers for accessing the internet.
These devices are notorious for exiting ‘free’
internet access areas and entering cellular
network internet access without warning the
user. It is highly recommended that
iPhone/Wifi/PDA users either order a discounted
data package from Global Cellular or DO NOT
access the internet, to prevent excessive fees.
Your Cellular Data Plan (USB Modem rentals not
included) is intended for Web Browsing,
messaging, and similar activities on your cellular
phone, and not on any other equipment. Unless
explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other
uses, including for example (but not limited to),
using your cellular phone as a modem, or
hotspot, or tethering your Device to a personal
computer or other hardware, are not permitted. In
these cases, or in situations of customers who
use an inordinate amount of data (more than
three times the amount used by the average
customer), Global Cellular reserves the right to
limit the speed or access of the data service to
your line for the remainder of the current billing
cycle and/or the immediately following billing
cycle and all data plan charges on the account
will remain valid charges for this period and/ or to
charge for additional use (usage that is more
than three times the amount used by the average
customer in the corresponding period of time)
according to the base data rates without a plan
for the specific contract, as advertised on our

6. Warranty and Insurance Fee: In the event that
the customer purchased warranty and insurance
services as set out in the Order, the customer
undertakes to pay to Global Cellular the
insurance and warranty fees set out in the Order,
for warranty and insurance services as set out

below. Global Cellular reserves the right to
amend such fees at any time, without prior notice
to the customer, and the amended prices, as
found at www.israelphones.com, shall apply to
the customer. Insurance fees are payable by the
customer until the later of the End Date or the
return date, as set out in Section 3 above. To
remove any doubt, warranty and insurance
services may only be purchased at the time of
the Order.

7. Warranty and Insurance Services:
A. Loss or Theft of Equipment: The customer
must immediately report any case of loss
and/or theft of Equipment to one of the
following two numbers: 1) For Cellcom
phones: 052-9990123. 2) For Pelephone
phones: 03-5727766. In any case, the
customer must also notify Global Cellular at
1-800-721-111 to report the loss or theft and
in order to receive replacement Equipment.
Details of the deductibles payable and
replacement costs for all Equipment are as
detailed in your contract terms.
Any and all charges incurred using the
Equipment, prior to notifying Global Cellular
and the provider, will be charged to the
B. Damage to Equipment/Other: In the event of
any damage to Equipment, defect in the
Equipment or other insurance claim the
customer shall immediately contact Global
Cellular’s customer service at the numbers
above to report the damage or defect and
return the Equipment to Global Cellular for
repair. A replacement unit will be provided,
within 6 business days, based on the
customer’s availability for receipt of the
delivery, for the remainder of the rental
period under the terms of the Order, at the
customer’s request.
Fees and deductibles payable in the case of
damaged Equipment or other insurance
claims can be found at
For avoidance of doubt, the above
deductibles and replacement fees shall be
payable even if the customer does not
request replacement units upon reporting
lost or stolen Equipment.
Global Cellular shall not be liable for any

costs or damages incurred due to
customer’s failure to immediately report lost,
stolen, damaged or defective Equipment. If
the customer does not report defective
equipment during the rental period, and
allow for the matter to be resolved or for
troubleshooting to be attempted, the
customer will be liable for all fees and costs
associated with the rental until said rental
equipment has been returned. Additionally,
if the customer reports defects or damage,
but does not provide the opportunity for
troubleshooting or resolution, the customer
shall retain the same liability as described
above. Global Cellular reserves the right to
charge the customer the full replacement
fee and all fees related to the remaining
rental period for any equipment that was
damaged and/or defaced due to an act of
the customer, regardless of whether said
equipment was actually replaced or whether
services were provided and/or used during
the remainder of the rental period.

8. Means and Dates of Payment: Upon
acceptance of the terms of this agreement, the
customer shall confirm a standing order for
charging a credit card (hereinafter: charge
instructions), for the purpose of making all
payments relating to the use of the Equipment
rented under this agreement, including the
payments mentioned in clauses 4 and 5 above,
and payments for any debt and/or expense
relating to and/or arising from the use and/or
return of the Equipment which is the subject of
this agreement. Global Cellular shall be entitled
to collect all the said charges once a month on a
date that shall be determined at its sole
discretion, by using the aforesaid charge
instructions, and the customer hereby consents
to such collection. Global Cellular’s authority to
charge the provided credit card shall not
prejudice Global Cellular’s right to demand
payment from the customer in addition to
charging the credit card at Global Cellular’s
absolute discretion. Any delinquent account(s)
may be subject to collection fees including any
costs accrued in the collection of said delinquent
accounts. Such additional payments will be
charged at the end of each billing cycle and until
the rented equipment has been returned, and/or
until the contract has been closed with all
balances paid in accordance with the terms of
the rental.
9. Deposit: The customer undertakes to deposit at
the time of this agreement, as a condition for
renting the Equipment, the amount requested by
Global Cellular at the time of the Order. This
amount may vary depending on the rental period
and the types of Equipment being rented, and
shall be paid by means of the aforementioned
charge instructions. Global Cellular reserves the
right to take a down payment in the amount
designated at the time of ordering or an
authorization of $100 instead of, or in addition to,
the abovementioned deposit. Said down
payment will be equal to up to the first month’s
bill based on your chosen plan option and is
taken for each line rented. This down payment
will be used towards the final bill on the contract,
after it has been closed per the terms of your
IsraelPhones rental.
The amount of the deposit shall serve as surety
for the rental, cost of the Equipment (in the event
that the customer does not return it to Global
Cellular as set out in this agreement), and all the
payments and obligations due to Global Cellular
from the customer under this agreement. Global
Cellular shall be entitled, at its sole discretion
and without prior notice to the customer, to
demand the amount of the deposit for immediate
payment, in any case where the customer does
not comply with any of the customer’s
undertakings under this agreement. In such a
case, Global Cellular shall be entitled to demand,
at its sole discretion, that the customer provide
another deposit and/or guarantee in place of the
aforesaid deposit, as surety for the undertakings
under this agreement, and the customer
undertakes to do so immediately at the request
of Global Cellular. Global Cellular will refund
deposits via check or credit card, in accordance
with the company’s current policies, within no
less than 45 – 60 days after the final bill on the
account has been paid. The required sureties are
subject to change without notice at Global
Cellular’s sole discretion.
10. Use of the Equipment: The customer
undertakes to make lawful and reasonable use of
the Equipment during the whole of the period it is
in the customer’s possession, in accordance with
the provisions of this agreement and in
accordance with manufacturer’s instructions for
11. Waiver of Privacy Protection:  The customer hereby waives the protection of privacy and
confidentiality, and confirms and agrees that
Global Cellular may give the customer’s details
(including, but not limited to, name, address and
telephone number), as well as information
relating to use of the customer’s Equipment, to
third-party telecommunications providers, law
enforcement authorities or courts of law
immediately and that, in addition, the rental
agreement between him and Global Cellular may
be sent to such third-party telecommunications
providers, law enforcement authorities or courts
of law. Global Cellular shall bear no liability for
the use of customers’ information by the
recipients thereof under this agreement.
12. Liability of IsraelPhones: The customer
confirms that Global Cellular, its employees and
anyone acting on its behalf, shall not be liable for
any damage, including special, consequential or
indirect damage under this agreement or under
any law (hereinafter together: damage).
The customer hereby confirms that Global
Cellular shall not be liable in any way whatsoever
for any damage or expense, direct or indirect,
caused to the customer, his person and/or others
because of and/or as a result of use of the
Equipment and/or its accessories. If the
customer’s chosen plan requires the use,
purchase or rental of a device not provided by
Global Cellular, Global Cellular shall not be liable
for any losses, costs or damages incurred due to
incompatibility, non-functionality or other failure
of said third party device. Global Cellular will
make reasonable attempts to assist the customer
in troubleshooting the problems caused to the
Service by third party devices or, if necessary,
provide alternative equipment. However, if the
customer refuses the resolution provided by
Global Cellular, or is unavailable to troubleshoot
the problem or to allow Global Cellular to resolve
the matter, the customer shall remain liable for all
fees and costs associated with rental of the
Equipment until the Equipment has been
13. Restriction or Termination of Services: The
customer declares that third-party
telecommunications providers may at any time
and at their sole discretion restrict and/or
terminate absolutely, temporarily or permanently,
the use of their cellular networks by persons
renting from Global Cellular, as a result of

capacity limitations of the mobile radio-telephone
network, conditions affecting mobile radio-
telephone broadcasts, security and/or political
limitations imposed on the mobile radio-
telephone network, and similar circumstances
that shall justify termination of the mobile radio-
telephone services, and the customer shall have
no demand and/or claim against Global Cellular
resulting from such termination or restriction.

14. Quality of Use: The customer declares that the
service provided by Global Cellular depends
upon the quality and availability of the services of
third-party telecommunications providers. Such
quality and availability can be affected by, among
other factors, by tunnels, lapses in coverage, cut-
offs in service etc. and lack of signal. It is clarified
that in all matters connected with providing a
service to the device, Global Cellular is not liable
in any way for the quality and availability of the
network of the local operator. The customer shall
be stopped from raising any claim against Global
Cellular whatsoever with regard to the aforesaid.
15. Right of Use: The service provided is for the use
of the customer only and it cannot be transferred,
with or without consideration to any third party.
The Equipment is the sole property of Global
Cellular and may not be transferred to any other
cellular service provider/renter. Without prejudice
to the aforesaid, the customer shall be liable for
any debts and expenses relating to the
customer’s telephone number, whether made by
the user or authorized by him or not, including,
but not limited to, calls and provision of data
services, until return of the Equipment to Global
Cellular or such time as the Equipment is
reported stolen to Global Cellular and to the
cellular provider, in accordance with clause 7
16. Accounts: The records and accounts of Global
Cellular and/or the records and accounts of third-
party telecommunications providers relating to
the Equipment and the services that are the
subject of this contract shall constitute prima-
facie evidence of the accuracy of their contents
and shall bind the customer.
17. Return of Equipment:
A. The customer shall return the Equipment at
the earlier of the End Date or the
termination, for any reason whatsoever, of

this agreement. Upon its return, Global
Cellular shall check the proper functioning
of the Equipment and that all Equipment
has been returned. Global Cellular may
deduct from the sureties given to it or add to
the balance of the account such amounts as
it sees fit at its discretion and which reflect
in its opinion the reduction in value of the
Equipment that was not returned in proper
condition or intact or on time, as specified in
this agreement . The customer shall have
no claims against Global Cellular with
regard to such deductions. Any accessories
that are not returned with the Global Cellular
kit received by the customer are not covered
by Global Cellular’s insurance and the
customer will be charged the full
replacement value for them as designated
by Global Cellular.

B. If the Equipment has not been returned to
Global Cellular within up to 14 days after the
End Date as listed at the time of ordering,
during the following 14 – 45 days after said
end date, Global Cellular shall reserve the
right to charge the customer the full
replacement value of the Equipment as
designated by Global Cellular, as well as all
applicable fees for rental and service plans
active on the account.
18. Assignment of Rights: Global Cellular shall be
entitled to assign to any other party, at its
discretion, its rights under this agreement. The
customer shall not be entitled to assign the
customer’s rights under this agreement.
The Order form, together with the provisions and
terms of the agreement, reflect the whole
agreement between the parties, and no change
or addition has, or shall have, any validity unless
they are written and signed by the two parties.
19. Jurisdiction: All claims related in any way to this
agreement shall be decided by the competent
courts in Jerusalem, to which the parties give
exclusive jurisdiction. The competent court shall
decide every claim as stated according to Israeli
law (without giving effect to the rules respective
of conflict of law).
20. The Addresses of the Parties and
 The addresses of the parties for the
purpose of sending notices in accordance with
this agreement are as set out in the Order form.
Any written notice sent by one party to the other
shall be deemed to have been received by the
other party three working days after it was sent.
21. Billing/General:
A. The Equipment being rented is owned by
Global Cellular. The telephone line shall
remain the property of Global Cellular at all
times, and under no circumstances is the
customer permitted to change the carrier or
the international carrier of the telephone
line, or add any services other than those
provided under the conditions of the Order.
Global Cellular is entitled to charge rental
and service rates as set out in the Order
and shall be under no obligation to match
any rate offered to the customer by any
other carrier. Voicemail calls are billed as
regular airtime and outgoing text messages
are never free. Unlimited usage refers to a
fair and reasonable amount as used by an
average individual. Use of the unlimited
plans is contingent upon an individual’s use
of the line. Unauthorized use, outside of the
detailed terms, will subject the user to
additional fees and/ or cessation of
service. If a line’s usage in a single billing
cycle is found to be more than three times
the average usage per month in airtime
minutes and/ or SMS of an IsraelPhones
customer, additional charges will be
assessed and charged in accordance with
the “Pay as you go” rates as detailed in the
Long Term rates available on the
IsraelPhones website
B. Bills are calculated on a quarter of a month
prorated basis with the exception of the final
bill cycle, or any part thereof. Billing takes
place between five and ten days after the
billing cycle of the phone, following the
return of the phone/SIM card, at which time
the customer will be notified as to how to
access the bill online. The bills will be
charged to the credit card which the
customer has provided. Due to the fact that
rentals may span 2 billing cycles, there is a
chance that there will be more than one bill.
There will be no duplication of charges.
Usage is billed in minute increments unless
otherwise specified.
C. Call data may be received from third party
providers at a date later than anticipated,
and in this case, Global Cellular reserves
the right to charge for it on a later billing
cycle, as it cannot be charged until it is
received in full from said third party provider.
Customers acknowledge that all use of the
phone during their rental period and until it
is returned, including all calls made, are
their sole responsibility, even if call data is
received at a later date.
D. Every device rental has a unique billing
cycle (Statement Date) after which bills are
generated and customers are notified that
they can view their statement on-line.
E. Rental charges, the cost of monthly
packages and the amount of minutes per
monthly package are also subject to a
prorated rate, with the exception of the final
bill cycle, or any part thereof. That is, the
number of minutes as well as the cost of the
monthly packages will be prorated,
depending on the Statement Date of the
phone line of the particular Order, with the
exception of the final bill cycle, or any part
thereof. Please note that with Short term
packages, all minutes are available for use
only for the dates listed at the time of
ordering (no more than 3 months).
F. Bills will be available at
and an email advising the customer of a
new bill will be sent to the email address
provided by the customer. It is the
customer’s responsibility to advise Global
Cellular of a change in email address or any
other contact information, and inform Global
Cellular if an itemized bill has not been
received, whether via e-mail or otherwise.
All bills will be considered final and correct
unless reported to Global Cellular within 30
days of the end of the current billing cycle.
G. Any delinquent account(s) may be subject
to linkage fees, interest and collection fees
including any costs accrued in the collection
of said delinquent accounts(s)


   A. Personal Data

While using our Service, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable
information that can be used to contact or identify you (“Personal Data”). Personally identifiable
information may include, but is not limited to:
•  Email address
•  First name and last name
We may use your Personal Data to contact you with newsletters, marketing or promotional
materials and other information that may be of interest to you. You may opt out of receiving any,
or all, of these communications from us by following the unsubscribe link or instructions provided
in any email we send or by contacting us.

   B. Usage Data

We may also collect information how the Service is accessed and used. This Usage Data may
include information such as your computer’s Internet Protocol address (e.g. IP address), browser
type, browser version, the pages of our Service that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the
time spent on those pages, unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data.

   C. Location Data

We may use and store information about your location if you give us permission to do so. We use
this data to provide features of our Service, to improve and customize our Service.
You can enable or disable location services when you use our Service at any time, through your
device settings.

   D. Use of Data

IsraelPhones division of Global Cellular Corporation uses the collected data for various
•  To provide and maintain our Service
•  To notify you about changes to our Service
•  To allow you to participate in interactive features of our Service when you choose to do so
•  To provide customer support
•  To gather analysis or valuable information so that we can improve our Service
•  To monitor the usage of our Service
•  To detect, prevent and address technical issues
•  To provide you with news, special offers and general information about other goods, services
and events which we offer that are similar to those that you have already purchased or enquired
about unless you have opted not to receive such information

   E. Transfer of Data

Your information, including Personal Data, may be transferred to — and maintained on —
computers located outside of your state, province, country or other governmental jurisdiction
where the data protection laws may differ than those from your jurisdiction.
If you are located outside Israel and choose to provide information to us, please note that we
transfer the data, including Personal Data, to Israel and process it there.
Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents
your agreement to that transfer.
IsraelPhones division of Global Cellular Corporation will take all steps reasonably necessary
to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and no
transfer of your Personal Data will take place to an organization or a country unless there are
adequate controls in place including the security of your data and other personal information.

   F. Security of Data

The security of your data is important to us, but remember that no method of transmission over
the Internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. While we strive to use commercially
acceptable means to protect your Personal Data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

   G. Service Providers

We may employ third party companies and individuals to facilitate our Service (“Service
Providers”), to provide the Service on our behalf, to perform Service-related services or to assist
us in analyzing how our Service is used.
These third parties have access to your Personal Data only to perform these tasks on our behalf
and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.

Click here for updated Cellcom terms and conditions regarding the new privacy laws.