Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program:

Learn how you can earn new rewards while traveling to Israel!
Israel Phones is now offering a unique social gaming platform that encourages users to engage with Israel through interactive games, articles, and rewards, iKonnect Israel. You can be immersed in the culture and history of Israel before they even set foot on the ground.

How does iKonnect work?
Each activity completed on iKonnect earns points that can be converted to real prizes in Israel or the USA. Rewards range from a movie tickets to exciting adventures like paragliding. In the USA, get rewards from brands such as Starbucks, CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

Here’s the best part:
For 18 years, satisfied clients using SIM cards from IsraelPhones have enjoyed the high-quality service of the Cellcom network. Now, using our SIMs can sign up to the iKonnect platform and receive 2,000 points every month the SIM is active. This can add up to 24,000 points a year-it’s like getting a 50 NIS monthly discount on your bill! Sign up here! www.ikonnect.co.il and get your FREE SIM!