Established over a decade ago, Global Cellular is the leading provider of cell phones, SIM cards, modems and other personal connection devices for travelers worldwide.​ Global Cellular is the parent company to IsraelPhones (which provides tourist rentals for travel to Israel). We are happy to assist you with all of your telecommunication needs when you travel.

Customer Service:
Global Cellular has the know-how to provide its clients with first rate customer service. With over sixty experienced staff members, speaking 4 languages, our team provides quick and efficient, round-the-clock, customer service to all groups and individuals.

Competitive Advantage:
Global Cellular headquarters is located in Lod, Israel, less than five minutes from the airport. In addition to the many agents around the globe, Global Cellular has its US office in Cedarhurst, New York to service its customers. We are here to work for you!

Group Travel:
Global Cellular/IsraelPhones serves the connectivity needs of many tour operators, large and small groups, church and community missions, yeshiva and study programs and of course, many individuals.

Worldwide Cellular Products:
Global Cellular has solutions for Europe and International travel. We are the leader in short and long term worldwide cellular phone and high speed mobile data rentals for short and long term travelers. We have affordable Sim solutions for phone and data service in over 100 countries and even on cruise ships!

IsraelPhones  offers Sim cards, mifi devices (hotspots) travel products and serves the connectivity needs of tour groups, Synagogues, schools, community missions, study programs, and individuals, supplying international prepaid SIM cards, cellphones, and USB portable Modem (hotspot) rentals. IsraelPhones consistently provides dedicated support for your travel cell, cutting edge technology and competitive prices.


For questions or inquiries please email us at info@gcellular.com